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  1. ricky says:

    i prefer the black one. 😉

  2. xdp says:


  3. Kamus says:

    Now I’m using 8.04 desktop edition, waiting for the 8.10 final version 😀

  4. 木匠 says:


    家用电脑装上 Ubuntu 一年多了.

  5. Kamus says:

    Hi, ricky, if you’re using ubuntu 8.04 (I’m not sure how about older version), when you insert a DVD, Totem Movie Player will startup automatically and inform you to download extra multimedia codec, just follow the step.

  6. 木匠 says:

    Thanks. 今天回家试试.

  7. Kamus says:

    在Ubuntu 8.04中我们需要升级的是OO,升级到3.0版会发现很爽的,启动速度飞快。

    Install OpenOffice 3.0 in Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10

  8. alexwang says:


  9. kamus says:


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