Change Log

All the stuff I did to this site 🙂

– Change theme to “Sela”

– Upgrade wordpress to the latest version 5.0.3
– Change theme to “Kelly”
– Try to resolve a  hacked issue

– Upgrade wordpress to 3.0.4
– Change theme to “zBench”

– Upgrade wordpress to 3.0.1
– Change theme to “Atahualpa”

– Upgrade wordpress to 2.86
– Change theme from “iNove” to “Journalist”, more simple one.

– Thanks 77 for helping me to make some header image, “iNove” theme’s original header image replaced.

– Upgrade wordpress to 2.8

– Upgrade wordpress from version 2.1 to 2.7, easy job.
– Install WP-Syntax plugin to highlight code
– Remove coComment page, total unuseful.
– Try to use “iNove” theme, remove Tag page, since wp 2.7 support tags natively.

– Long time did not change the infrastructure of this site, of course, articles keep on adding.

– Remove firestats plugin due to high CPU load, suggested by Dreamhost support.

– Installed Firestats plugin to show site statistics

– Change wordpress theme to 3-columns style

– Updated wordpress from 1.5 to 2.1, actived 6 plugins
– Changed domain name from to

– Got a present from Piggy, a brand new site logo. Thanks piggy, run piggy run 🙂

– Removed almost all the plugins from this site and changed templete to “letterhead”, hope site access speed will be improved.

– Added Email Subscriptions to sidebar

– Installed coolcode plugin, sql/html/etc. code highlighted. perfect!

– Make my first site logo.

– Change site name from “Oracle Kamus World” to “Chanel [K]”.

– Move site from fenng’s host to my own host machine.

– Installed gravatar plugin to show avator in comments.

– Installed Image Headlines Plugin, make blog’s title becomes to a PNG image using any font you like. I like this style. 🙂

– Installed Link Indication Plugin

– Added Timeline plugin, put it into footer page, but fonts color seems a little weired. 🙁
– After I made some comments at Timeline plugin author’s blog site, he/she told me how to resolve the problem I met above, everything is OK now. what a good experience that everyone can communicate directly with the plugin’s author. This is blog’s merit!

– Added link tracking code from MyBlogLog to this site.
 View My Public Stats on
– Added web page hit counters to sidebar, using Dreamhost counter service.

– Removed Google Referral-Firefox from single page’s sidebar.
– Added Dreamhost Ads to single page, I really think it’s a good service provider for webhosting. My promo code is “KAMUSIT”, you can use this code to get a one-time discount(up to $97) while signing up !

– Installed First-Letter Drop plugin.

– Changed original feed address to feedburner address, including my delicious bookmarks.
– Installed quickSub extenstion.

– Put a Google Referral-Firefox into sidebar below the calendar. you click it and install it, I will earn 1 USD, so please do it 😀
– Put a Google AdSense for Content in the single post page, between the content and comment, hopefully this will not disturb you guys.

– Installed “Twilight AutoSave” plugin. This plugin adds the ability to auto-save content typed into WordPress via cookies. The cookie is automatically deleted when post is saved, and expires after a week if not deleted.
– Installed “Quote Comments” plugin, another great plugin from viper007bond. Now, everyone can quote other one’s comment in comments page just like write something in BBS. What you should do is just clicking every “[Quote]” link behind the comment’s title and a couple of code will be copied to your comment input box automatically, go on, write your owns. Hopes everyone enjoy it. 🙂
– Installed “Get Most Comments” plugin, put some codes into sidebar.php to display this section.
– Made “Get Most Posts” and “Calendar” to display in the home page’s sidebar, not only in the single post page.

– Chosen the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License for this blog site, and made some change to display this license to my visitors in the footer of all pages.

– Received UltimateTagWarrior plugin from tinyau, Thanks. 🙂
– Installed UltimateTagWarrior plugin to this site, mission accomplished.
– Modified template file to make a suitable tags cloud page, satisfied with it. 😀

– Plan to add tags plugin to my WP site, found UltimateTagWarrior, unfortunately, due to GFW (great firewall) of China, cannot download it from original site. Finally, made a comment on tinyau‘s blog, asked him to send a copy to me.

– Tested Semiologic theme and CMS plugin, but met some trouble. The author said he will upload a stable version next week. I will test it again at that time.
– Used blix theme as the default skin.

– This blog site started. Thanks for fenng‘s hard working, he’s a great technical support for me. 🙂
– Link some articles that i’ve published before at eygle‘s blog and isdn‘s blog.