用我的打折代码 – KAMUS 申请,可以获得不少的折扣。

No more CPU minute restrictions!

“Crazy overselling!” What’s that all about? Well, if you like to read,


will explain it all! And see that little “post-script” at the “bottom”?

Well, we’re sick and tired of people being sick and tired of getting disabled for “cpu minute” overages! ESPECIALLY when we don’t even have any real set “cpu minute” levels for plans, or a tab on our web panel where you can track your usage.

So “guess” what?! We’ve changed our “cpu minute” “policy” “for the better!” We no longer HAVE any limits on “cpu minutes”. Maybe it’s just semantics, and maybe it’s just “crazy overselling”, but as long as your site or scripts aren’t causing problems with the server, you are IN THE CLEAR!

Let’s say you’re not IN THE CLEAR though.. don’t worry! We’ll work with you! We’re adding a BUNCH of new servers to help “get” the average load per web server down, and we’ll work with high-load people to get their usage down or their butts onto a new server that can handle it. What a sweet web host.. let no one accuse US of “crazy overselling,” and we won’t accuse THEM.


  1. sudan on June 3, 2006 at 9:21 pm said:



  2. 贵啊,我暂时没有钱的啊,以后做好了网页就搞一个;)

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