Try to move account back to shared hosting


之前解决500 Intenal Error的时候,将主机升级到了Dreamhost PS,但是由于价格不菲(每月至少15美金),因此希望在解决完了网站被木马感染的问题之后,再次搬回Shared Hosting中。


Before we can do that we need to see one weeks worth of resource usage
below 300MB. So, that means both your daily graph and a weeks worth of
the historical graph need to show up without any usage over 300MB. Once
that can be demonstrated, please write back in and we will review your
account again and determine at that point if we can move you back to
shared hosting. If that hack was the entire problem, then you shouldn’t
have any trouble getting below 300MB.

简单的意思就是如果在启用PS以后第一周,资源使用统计图表显示没有超过300M,那么就可以申请再次搬回Shared Hosing。请求使用了我的Free Hosting计划的各位,在这周内不要有大的动作,要不就又要多花钱了。 🙁

已经成功将用户又转回到Shared Server中了。

We just finished removing you from your DreamHost Private Server:


You’re now on the regular shared DreamHost Server:


We’re sorry it didn’t work out. You can always try it again
in the future by returning to:

It may take a day or two before the new DNS information has propagated
across the Internet and everything is transitioned to dynamo,
but don’t worry.. we’re keeping ps19152 up for five days so the
process should be seamless!

You won’t be charged anything more for your DreamHost PS effective
immediately however!

总体来说,DH的服务还是很让人满意的。不收任何费用,并且还保留Private Server5天,以便于无缝迁移。

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