About RAW Devices Not Supported in Oracle 11g release 2


Block and Raw Devices Not Supported with OUI
With this release, OUI no longer supports installation of Oracle Clusterware files on
block or raw devices. Install Oracle Clusterware files either on Automatic Storage
Management diskgroups, or in a supported shared file system.


For new installations, OCR and voting disk files can be placed either on ASM, or on a
cluster file system or NFS system. Installing Oracle Clusterware files on raw or block
devices is no longer supported, unless an existing system is being upgraded.

Oracle Clusterwae需要的OCR和Voting disk可以存储在ASM或者集群文件系统或者NFS中,对于全新安装,裸设备不再被支持,但是如果是升级而来的话(比如从10g升级到11g),仍然支持。

Voting Disk Backup Procedure Change
In prior releases, backing up the voting disks using a dd command was a required
postinstallation task. With Oracle Clusterware release 11.2 and later, backing up and
restoring a voting disk using the dd command is not supported.
Backing up voting disks manually is no longer required, as voting disks are backed up
automatically in the OCR as part of any configuration change and voting disk data is
automatically restored to any added voting disks.

之前Voting disk因为是存储在裸设备中的,因此备份需要使用dd命令来手动执行,在11gR2中,通过dd备份Voting disk不再被支持,同时,也无需通过任何方法手动备份Voting disk了,备份将自动进行。

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