How to resolve “VCSIPC for Oracle: Minor version mismatch”

如果基于Veritas SF V4.1 MP2来安装Oracle RAC for Solaris,不能完全按照Veritas官方文档“VERITAS Storage FoundationTM 4.1 for OracleRAC Installation and Configuration Guide”中提到的更新VCSIPC library的方法。


For a 32-bit version:
$ cp /opt/VRTSvcs/rac/lib/ $ORACLE_HOME/lib/

For 64-bit version:
$ cp /opt/VRTSvcs/rac/lib/ $ORACLE_HOME/lib/


Jun 14 02:51:27 xxdb-server2 oracle[23169]: [ID 939233 user.alert] VCSIPC for Oracle: Minor version mismatch: oracle 4, ipc library 2,
Jun 14 02:51:27 xxdb-server2 VERITAS IPC 4.1MP2 05:35:21 Nov 21 2006

$ cp /opt/VRTSvcs/rac/lib/ $ORACLE_HOME/lib/

那么如何判断到底是应该按照文档中所说cp libskgxp92_64.so还是应该cp,则需要通过下面的命令来验证。

# /opt/VRTSvcs/rac/bin/ipc_version_chk_shared_64 $ORACLE_HOME/lib/
Required library version is: 22



  1. It’s terffic ! why not build a FYI column on your blog!That will help more people to make fewer mistakes,but I wonder how could you find the secret when you got the return 22 or 24.

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